Scenes from the GZ

Below is a photographic and video history of our adventures at the various geocaches we’ve done. The names and GC numbers have been removed to help eliminate any possible hints we might give away with these.

Even on a snowy day we’ll grab a couple caches, such as this one located not too far from Cyndi’s work.  The fun part was getting back there, which required driving on a sheet of ice.

It was 24 degrees outside but they didn't care.

And we found this one not too far away at a local hospital…what you see in her fingers is a nano….so tiny, this one

I can only imagine how cold that bench was on their bottoms. Bless them!

This is a tree at the GZ of one of the caches we did this past weekend. The tree plays an important part to the cache so I most definitely will not expose the cache name of GC number.


Who knows how old this tree is...I love the white bleaching of the bark.

This is a video of a really fun pulley cache we found near our home. This was Mouse’s first find of this type so she had the honors of retrieving it.


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  1. Keep up the good work on this blog!

  2. Right on!

  3. I agree 100%

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