About Us, Geo Minions

Thank you for checking out our blog.  We hope you enjoy our little adventures in geocaching.  Here’s a little about us:

My name is Josh and I’ll do most of the posting on here.  My wife, Cyndi, may drop in and post from time to time as she will sometimes go out on her own with co-workers she has gotten into geocaching.  They periodically will grab a cache or 2 while on lunch or will have a GNO and grab some caches during their night out.  She also tends to grab a couple caches whenever she’s taking our daughters, known affectionately as Mouse and Pinto, to visit relatives when I’m unavailable to go with.

We cache under the name of Geo Minions.  Formerly, we were known as Howard_Family and I’m sure there are still plenty of logs you could come across that will have that name.  There wasn’t necessarily anything wrong with that name…we just felt it wasn’t as “fun” or “original” as some of the names we come across.

Again we want to thank you for stopping by and we hope you return to catch up on what we’re up to.

Josh, Cyndi, Pinto, and Mouse


3 thoughts on “About Us, Geo Minions

  1. Hoosier Hooligan

    Nice job Josh

  2. Lisa

    I have a Girl Scout troop. Can you please tell me where I can buy those patches?

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