Making some changes (to the site and to myself)

It has been quite some time since I’ve last updated this blog.  I wish I could say that I got really super busy with work or that we won the lottery and spent the past 4 months traversing the world on a massive geocaching adventure.  Alas, I cannot lie.  The fact is I’ve just not really had enough to say to compel me to write.  One thing I hate about blogs is that some people needlessly update them with fluff just to maintain their posting frequency.  So instead of a fun, informative blog, you end up with a bunch of posts that could be characterized as a step-above a tweet or FB status update.  That’s not me.  As you can tell, my average word count for a blog post is well over 700 words, so I am way too long-winded to settle for a post like this:

“Went caching today.  Found 3 and didn’t find 5.  Stubbed my toe and dropped my phone/GPSr twice.”

See that?  I just can’t bring myself to do that.  It might make this blog look more active, but it’ll also look like I’m half-assing it.  Anything worth doing is worth giving the full ass, I say.  So, I’m making some changes.

First, you may have noticed a change in the web address.  I decided to purchase the domain and bring this blog one step closer to legitimacy. is a great FREE host, but it made me lazy.  There’s not accountability for my usage of this blog if it costs me nothing to use it.  So, I plunked down the $17 and purchased the domain through them.  Now I have a $17 annual fee that, while not breaking the bank, does mean that there is a real loss of money if I just let it sit here and do nothing with it.  So a kick in the ass via my wallet is the order of the day.

The next logical step is to leave completely and begin hosting the site independently, which will then allow me even more freedom to update the site, putting my CSS talents to good use and removing the “cookie-cutter” feel of the themes they offer to better give this site an identity.  This is a much more cost-prohibitive venture, however, and will be more dependent on readership and my increased frequency of posts.  I cannot see myself paying the $120 to have the WordPress team transfer my blog to my host of choice, then pay the monthly fee to have it hosted if only the same 6 people read it whenever they get an announcement on FB/Twitter that I’ve updated my blog.  I need to get this blog out there to my fellow geocachers and make it a source of entertainment AND information about our beloved hobby.

And one of the first steps to this is to add contributing cachers to the mix.  We’ve made a lot of friends in our 18-months as geocachers and they all have some great tales to share too.  So I am entertaining the notion of adding some contributors to this blog and transforming the blog from one about our family’s adventures to multiple cachers’ adventures.  If you’ve ever attended a geocaching event you’ll know that the majority of the time people are sharing stories from their own outings.  Getting stopped by the police.  Being chased by wild animals.  Falling into a deep pile of mud.  There are a plethora of stories out there that get told on a small level but could have a real voice on the Internet.  So in the coming months, watch for information regarding this change.

I know that this all seems silly and that I am dedicating way too much thought into a blog…but to me, this is more about promoting the game.  We LOVE geocaching, and much like those who bleed Twilight or their favorite football team, we want the world to know it.  We want to share this love and make people take note of our dedication to it.  But above all else, we want to bring awareness to the game.  There are almost 7-billion people in this world, but only 5-million registered geocachers.  We can do SO MUCH BETTER than that.


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