Struggling to stay active

Those are words I never thought I’d utter.  After a relatively active Winter, I thought for sure that this would easily eclipse that and we’d be well onto 500 or even 600 Smileys by now.  But alas, we’ve hit a bit of a brick wall.  Since I started this blog, we’ve logged a total of 60 finds, a respectable feat for a family that includes a couple tweens.  However, looking at that number and comparing it to this past winter, where we logged 113 finds (with 80 of those coming from December alone), I’m rather saddened and a little discouraged by it.  Surely we can do better than this.

How did this happen?

I’m not going to lie or make an excuse….we’ve been lazy.  Yes, there have been times where we had a lot going on, be it family functions or Girl Scout events, and these have taken a lot of time away from Geocaching.  But more often than not, I just can’t motivate myself to do it.  It’s not the obscene amount of planning I do that demotivates me because I actually get off on that.  It’s not the hatred of DNFs because those just drive my resolve.  I can’t pinpoint what it is other than I sometimes just don’t WANT to do anything.  Hell, I’ve even been struggling to keep up with this blog, which is nothing more than me spewing words into the ether, hoping that the 9 or 10 people who casually read it will find something interesting.  I’ll think about it, get a topic to discuss, even roughly outline what I want to say in my head, and then…..zzzzzz.  I downloaded the WordPress app onto my iPhone just so that I could update the blog from pretty much anywhere.  On the road or on the toilet, there should be no excuses.  And yet, here I am, writing to you several WEEKS after my last post, and this time it’s more of a rant about my wanton laziness than the joy of Geocaching.  What the hell?!?!

What am I going to do about it?

The first step in a 12-step program is to admit you have a problem.  This is my first step.  I can’t be lazy anymore.  I have to man up and do this right.  I know this isn’t supposed to be a contest to see who can get the most finds in a year.  It’s not even supposed to be about the numbers, but instead a game of high-tech hide and seek.  I set lofty goals and now I’m struggling to make the one that I’ve modified twice since I started….the anniversary goal.  I wanted 1000 finds when we started.  By December I was dropping that to 500.  After that productive month, I thought that would be a piece of cake.  Once April hit and it became painfully obvious that 500 was just too far away at that point, so I revised it to 400.  If you look to the right sidebar you’ll see that we’re currently at 338 finds.  So as it stands we currently have 20 days to find 62 caches.  And while 3 caches a day doesn’t sound that bad, you need to take into account the fact that we have exhausted pretty much all the quick and easy caches in a 6-mile radius of our neighborhood and the ones that are left are ones hidden in wooded areas and on one of the local reservoirs in our area.  So while I’m sure we’ll snag a few of these, it’s not going to be a walk-in-the-park like we’re used to.

Having said that, this weekend we are heading to Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari in Santa Claus, IN.  As such, we have the opportunity to grab caches in areas we aren’t normally in, so this affords us the opportunity to get as close to, if not surpass, our goal.  And in typical OCD-fashion, I have already made a few PQs to show us what we’re working with.  Between our home and Santa Claus, there are 111 active caches that are within a mile of the interstate that have a maximum difficulty of 2 (to minimize the amount of time to search for each) AND have either been found or updated in the past week.  Broadening that search, there is almost 600 to choose from.  I have handpicked 64 that are near exits along our route so we won’t have to do any backwoods trekking to find them.  And if we still cannot hit 400, we still have 4th of July weekend.  I feel good about hitting the goal…I just wish it was the original 1000 we planned on 11 months ago.

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