LPCs aren’t always bad

I know, I know….it’s been a while since I last updated the site.  What can I say, I’ve been a bit preoccupied.  I was off all last week for Spring Break with the kids and something always kept me away from the PC.  As I had mentioned in my last post, we went to Cincinnati for a little mini-getaway.  This is becoming a Howard Family tradition.  Because of our differing vacation policies at our employers, having a solid week of paid time off at this time of year is extremely hard.  Cyndi’s company doesn’t reset the PTO clock until July 1st, and mine is accrued as I work.  So for Cyndi to have 40 hours of PTO in early April, she would basically have to not miss any work in 9 months and hope that the mandatory down time her company imposes around Christmas will only take a few days off.  As for me, I just need to not take any time off for 18 weeks and I’ve got ~40 hours of PTO to play with.  So, if taking a weekend trip to a neighboring state is a vacation for us, so be it.  One day we’ll get that big family outing I’ve always dreamed about.  But I digress…

So, I had mentioned that I had planned a cache run for our trip.  I basically did a search for caches I thought were fairly attainable for our short stay, as well as some caches to do on the way down and back.  I had actually amassed a PQ of about 80 caches for us to work with.  Yes, that was quite the lofty goal to achieve, but I figured that if worse came to worse, at least we had a nice pool for which to work from.  So, how did we end up doing?

We found 14.  Yeah, I know.  That isn’t a very big number.  But you have to understand something…sometimes it’s not about the numbers.  Sometimes it’s just about having fun.  We had a lot of activities planned originally for this little trip and I think we may have over-killed it a little.  In the span of 36 hours we took in the Cincinnati Zoo, shoppped at IKEA, and hit up Jungle Jim’s International Market.  Any one of these destinations could easily consume 5 hours of our lives if we let it.  Also, our Sunday had to be cut short to make sure Cyndi made it back home in time for a 4:30 Girl Scout meeting.  Being that Cincinnati is about 2 hours away, that really cut down on our available caching time….which brings me to my topic.

LPCs are looked down upon in the geocaching community as like the ugly stepchild of caching.  They are unimaginative, intrusive, and, in some cases, in direct violation of Groundspeak’s Terms of Use.  But, they also are easy, plentiful, and excellent sources of fun in urban settings.  Because of our lack of time, we had to condense a day’s worth of caching into a window of about 2 hours.  There are caches that take that much time for just 1 find.  So, when it comes to times where I want my geocaching fix but I am either up against an unrealistic time frame or we’re in a densely-populated area, these little bastards prove to be quite the savior.  Plus it helps that literally hundreds of these little boogers could be located in a 10 mile area.  So, armed with a PQ filled with both LPCs and traditional caches alike, we sought out, and found, 12 withing 3 miles of our hotel.  All were nothing more than pill bottles and nano containers under lamp skirts or in guardrails.  Do I care?  Hell no….a find is a find.  Pinto and I did most of the seeking as Cyndi and Mouse sat in the van watching movies.  That’s fine, too.  This is good bonding time with Pinto.  She’s getting so big.  She won’t be my little girl much longer.  Plus I love the look on her face when she finds one….even something as easy as an LPC.  That makes them worthy of my time.

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