See what a little planning will get ya?

So as I had mentioned in my last post, my OCD-like nature had left me staying up into the wee hours of the morning planning out a cache run for the following day.  My thought process behind the planning was to focus on an ultimate goal location and then work out a path leading to it that had plenty of caches to find.  All told, I ended up with a Pocket Query of 52 caches.  Now, to the less experienced that probably sounds like a lot, while the more experienced are probably balking at the low number.  I didn’t just pick a bunch of 1/1 caches.  I made sure we hit a very diverse amount of caches, some requiring a lot of walking on various terrains while others were as easy as parking next to the GZ and having one of the kids grab it.  I steered clear of anything other than traditional caches for this run, save for 2 Puzzle caches I solved several months back and needed decent weather to find.  Take a look at the map below and you’ll see what we were looking at for the day.

Ignore the smileys, they weren't there until we found them 😛

As you can see, our ultimate goal is at the bottom.  That blob of caches down there is actually Southeastway Park.  When I lived on the eastside of Indy I used to go there a lot with friends, one time even riding my bike there with several of them (a trip that took over an hour each way).  Anyway, that one park alone has 14 caches located within, with another 2 just outside the park’s boundaries to the north.  With such a heavy concentration of caches, naturally I wanted that to be our ultimate goal….where we could spend a good chunk of our day at and hopefully find them all.  Unfortunately, I picked quite a few caches that ended up sucking up a lot of our time so when all was said and done we only ended up finding 3 there.  But no matter, that just gives us the motivation to go back to grab the others.  So…what were the final totals for our run, you ask?  Well, out of the 52 caches I picked out, we ended up attempting 24.  So we got around to less than half.  Oh well.  Of those 24, we ended up finding 22 of them.  The 2 we couldn’t find we had good reason….one of them was located next to a Mexican restaurant that had a lot of Muggle traffic as we were nearing the dinner hour and couldn’t dedicate a lot of time to searching without drawing unwanted attention to ourselves.  The other?  A so-far impossible shelter cache with a 4.5/1.5 rating that was hid back on October 2009 that has 41 DNFs and 0 smileys.  To say I was expecting to find it is nothing but a bald-face lie.  I really just wanted to add my name to the growing list of Indy’s geocaching elite who have all failed at finding it.  We did spend a good 20 minutes or so going over the entire shelter, looking in pretty much every nook and cranny we could reach and even a few places that I thought would have been the perfect place to hid and all came up short.

For the day, we spent almost 7 hours hunting.  We took an hour off each for lunch and dinner and didn’t get home until just after dusk.  We had a blast, and, with our final find of the night, we hit our 300th find.  My goal is to hit 500 by our one-year anniversary….which just so happens to be the day we plan to hide our first cache.  And with the upcoming trip to Cincinnati this weekend, I think we just may reach that lofty goal….so far I’ve mapped out 85 caches to attempt.  Geez, I’m a sick, sick man!!

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