Every saga has a prologue….I guess this is ours.

I don’t know why but I’ve been having a serious itch to blog lately.  We’ve been geocaching for almost 9 months now and we have all these stories that we relate back to others all the time, but wouldn’t it be easier to just relate it to a blog one time and then have everyone read it?  I’ve launched a few blogs in the past, mostly immature rantings about nothing particularly important, as well as one for a weight-loss initiative I embarked on (and subsequently gave up on when I got laid off from my job of 9 years)….but this will be different.  This time I’m blogging about something I’m very passionate about.  And this time I think the blogging will stick.

I have been familiar with geocaching for 3 years now.  Back in March ’08 I read an article about geocaching.  At the time I didn’t own any GPS equipment or even really understood how this would work.  I signed up for an account at geocaching.com using my defacto user name of Pdj79 (a moniker that has been with me since the early days of the Internet when I signed up for my first email address — from juno.com, no less — using the first letters of nickname I was going by and my birth year:  Pimp Daddy Josh…..man that’s embarrassing), read the introduction information for the site, and then searched for caches in our area.  I was stunned by the number, even back then.  I saw a couple that were close to our house and, one evening, my family attempted to find the cache……it was a resounding failure.  We simply could not find this cache, even though we knew from the Google Map satellite photo that we were right on top of it.  Being in a fairly busy area, we became very aware of what it must have looked like to anyone driving by to see a family of people tearing through bushes and lifting up rocks, seemingly looking for something important when, in all reality, we didn’t have a clue what we were looking for.

After a few minutes of this futile attempt, we decided to get back in the car and move on to whatever activity we were headed for.  Because of this, we never attempted to locate another cache….that is, not until July 4th, 2010.  But that is another story…

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